What a Good Day

So if you haven't read Davis' full birthday post- be sure to scroll to the post below. But on top of that- today has just been great. I got promoted. Woohoo. Been talking about it for a while, but didn't know it would be announced today. And my boss sent me flowers, and a bunch of people sent me really nice congratulatory notes, and it's just been fun.

Also, we got a little note (see below) from Mikki and Honey this morning reminding us that for Davis' birthday, they both put some monies into the Davis Bennett travel fund. How great is that? By the time he is in college, he'll have no problem picking up and traveling the world for a bit. What a nice gift. He is a lucky dude.

AND holy cow- Carrie already edited the pictures from Saturday for our christmas card and they are AWESOME! Here is my favorite. She is so good.