Two Years Old

It's hard to believe, but today marks Davis' 2nd birthday. I feel both full of joy and a little sad about's just going so fast. We celebrated all day yesterday since today is a work/school day. We started by going for pancakes- Davis said "pancakes?" about 100 times between our house and our final stop. I say that because we started at Kerbey Lane (where the wait was an hour) and ended at Jim's on 290. I now know where all the country folk living in Austin have breakfast on Sundays. Our waitress, Tammy, has worked there 30 years and we also found out that Darryl K. Royal is a regular there. He was at the table next to us. Nice.

After that, we had naps and Bennett made a double layer brownie cake complete with homemade double fudge chocolate icing. YUM. Around 4:00 we met our friends and family at Phil's and it was so much fun. My heart was so full of joy as I watched everyone sing Happy Birthday to our little man. And he was having a hey day. I don't know that he completely understood that it was his birthday, but he certainly understood that it was an awesome day, all about him. What a lucky guy.
The first thing he saw when he got to Phil's was his new trike from nanny and grandpa.
Sweet little Andy loved the balloons!
More tricycle riding- though he calls it his bike. :)
Playing on the playground at Phil's.
Yay for slides!
More sliding.
Davis and his buddy, B.
Burgers and fries for dinner!
I loved watching his face as everyone sang to him. So sweet.
And this picture was taken this morning- first thing he had to do was play with his Dyson, from Nikki. That thing is awesome. We might have to borrow it to vacuum for real.

I took him to school this morning in a little button down- we'll see if the shirt makes it until picture time. He was very excited to see a picture of himself with a "happy birthday" message on the door of his class. I packed a bunch of sugar cookies for him and his friends. Yay for Davis. I am so thankful for him.

Oh also- maybe his favorite part of the day was riding in our small car to Phil's with 10 balloons in the backseat. So much balloon wrestling.

And p.s. Yes, he is rocking a bowl cut. Took him to Great Clips friday and he acted as though someone was sawing his arm off- so this was the best we could do- though I do sort of love it.