Trick or Treat

Last night was so fun- James, Scarlett, Porter and Mary Mae came over (with their parents and B and Corky) to trick or treat. We had pizza and got all ready to go. James and Scarlett (Green Lantern and the leopard) are pros at trick or treating so they were super excited to go and also were a big help in showing Davis and Porter what to do.

Davis was, of course, most interested in pushing the doorbell...but he did get the hang of saying "trick or treat". It took a few houses to realize that you actually wait to get something in return, then a few houses more to realize that you could open what you got in return and eat it, and finally by the end of the night, he learned that you don't just walk right in someone's house once they've opened the door.

By the end of the night, Davis and Porter had gone through so much popcorn and candy that Davis had it ALL OVER his face and was so hopped up on candy that he was running down the street, pulling his big red wagon, going 100 miles a minute...shouting joyfully at the top of his lungs.

All of this right after we got confirmation that he does, in fact, have a fractured bone in his foot. You NEVER would have guessed last night. I guess that's what a bag of kettle korn, one licorice, one pack of skittles and about 100 M&Ms will do for you. So that's where I'm headed now- Dell Children's Hospital to see if he has to get a cast. :( More to come.