Things I Don't Want To Forget

That Davis has a little accent when he says words with "o". For example, the other day, someone rudely laid on the horn behind me, for quite a while. I ignored it, the moment passed, and then Davis said "Hoank." Just like that. Ha.

That he can't stand to see people look sad. Any time I have cried in front of him (real or faking- if he did something naughty), he gets the saddest face and says "mommy sad" and "mommy big hoag". Same thing for other people- not just me. He has such a tender heart.

That sometimes when I look at him with his bowl cut- I see myself. I rocked a bowl cut for a long time- entirely too long in fact.

That when I dropped him off at school today- he and all his little friends had on puffer jackets. Seriously the cutest thing ever.

That sometimes he wakes up singing and sometimes fussing and sometimes just saying "hi mommy" over and over (when i'm not in the room).

That the other day at the grocery store I set a square cut of cheddar cheese on the ledge of the cart and five minutes later, I heard him saying "Rub ye belly" while rubbing the center of the cheese.

That sometimes while in the grocery store- he'll ask me to pull him out of his seat- just for a big hug.