Today has been a special day- we slept late- then headed over to Polly and Niles' house to have a late Thanksgiving lunch. Davis and I contributed mac n cheese and two pies from a local bakery. Polly handled the bulk of the cooking- and I seriously would have though she had done it before. It was all so great.

Before lunch, I took Davis for a little walk in the neighborhood just to burn some energy. It was cold and gray and I sort of thought it would just be something I had to do...but really, it was such a sweet little time with him. We walked around this cozy little northeastern neighborhood- and stopped to touch the snow, stopped to see kitty cats, pick up walking sticks, wave to the cars that would pass by, and sometimes Davis would just stop to give momma "big hoag". We walked until we saw an old church, a cemetery, and then as luck would have it, a playground! Davis was so pleased.

It was cold and getting darker (seriously- it gets dark around 2 or 3- it's really throwing me off) so I only let him play for a little bit. He could have thrown a fit. He fussed for two seconds and then I said "Davis, we have to say 'bye bye playground...'" He repeated it. Then I said "Thank you playground", again he repeated. "It was fun, playground..." again, he repeated, and then he threw in "see you tomorrow!" If I am thankful for one thing this year- it's Davis' kind spirit. He really is such a sensitive guy, so kind and loving. I prayed for that while I was pregnant with him, and it's amazing to see it come to fruition.

On the way back to the house, I was trying to get him to walk a little faster, so I turned around, sort of running backwards. I could actually SEE a light bulb go off- he was amazed with this...and immediately turned around and started walking backwards. So pleased with himself. So sweet.

Tonight, after stuffing our faces, we drove to Freeport to the LLBean headquarters. They are open 24/7/365 and Freeport is such a cute little town that also happened to be covered in snow. It was really fun- and a great memory with the Bennett 3 and the Cockrills. :)

Now we are watching the UT/A&M game...maybe eating a bunch of snacks from the hotel snack shop since we are without leftovers...and just relaxing. It's weird to think that this will be our last trip as a family of three. I'm excited for her- but if I'm honest- I'm also nervous. It's so nice right now...and my boys have every piece of my heart...I can't imagine what it will be like with one more. And a girl. I know every mom thinks that though, and every mom finds more love to give that they didn't even know existed. So it'll be alright. It will be great.

Happy Thanksgiving.