Rough Weekend

This is not meant to be a downer post- but well- this is part of life, right? And to be fair, the weekend did have some high points, for sure. In fact, Saturday we had a blast at My Gym. Davis was so pleased to be there- I want to take him again this weekend with Kirsten and Andy.

Then that night we had dinner at Fado with a group of friends from work as part of our ongoing cultural cuisine outings. It was great- fish and chips, corned beef, smoked salmon, these are the things the Irish eat. AND there was a UT rugby team toga party going on at the time, so that was certainly entertaining.

Sunday we had a sort of special day- just hanging around the house- cleaning out the garage, and playing outside.
And there were some naps.

However, on the flip side, my grandfather had surgery this weekend and is still in the hospital. He's doing okay- but I feel bad that he will be there this whole week and I haven't been able to see him because 1) I got super sick Sunday morning. Throwing up, the works. Stayed home yesterday and didn't get out of bed until 4:00. I'm back at work today, but at about half speed. Then last night Bennett got sick. Also throwing up. On top of that, I have sciatica, which is basically a pinched nerve in your lower back that runs all down your leg and pinches every time you walk or bend. Awesome.

It is very common in pregnancy, and I know I can't complain because I've been feeling great until now, and hopefully it will just sort of taper off...but it's no fun. No fun at all.

AND while I'm feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself, I got hit with a 2x4 in the shoulder. Sounds random, I know, but it was a result of cleaning up the garage, and it HURT!

But to end this post, here is what I am thankful for.
That my grandfather is healthy.
That I am pregnant, even if my sciatic nerve is pinched.
That Bennett isn't traveling this week.
That Davis is such a doll and just wants to "snuggle" when I pick him up after school.
That it is RAINING today!
That Davis loves to rub noses with me- just like my grandpa and I did when I was little. So sweet. I'll have to tell that story later.