Mr. Kebin

Davis' favorite teacher (of the three in his room) is clearly Mr. Kebin...and I can see why. Kevin is tall, loud, super silly, and very often he and I joke and talk about things when I pick Davis up at school. He's quirky and fun- wears turquoise jeans and great hats- and Davis thinks he is the bees knees.

Yesterday Mr. Kebin let Davis wear his Koala hat in the class pictures and that was the first thing Davis wanted to show me when I picked him up. Before we left- he saw Mr. Kebin and shouted "Mr. Kebin!" and ran and gave him a hug. I suggested he say goodbye to the other teachers and he just said "Bye Mr. Kebin..." ha.

Well, I just got a call from the director of the school saying that Kevin is moving out of Davis' koalas class to become the full-time tumbling teacher and that he is being replaced with a girl who graduated from UT in child development, who is very bubbly, fun and excited about working with toddlers. On one hand, I'm super bummed for Davis. On the other hand, I understand that while Kevin enjoyed the Koalas class, he would really like to be involved in tumbling and with older I can appreciate that.

I hope the new girl is great. :)
Here are some pictures I just got from his teachers...
Painting pumpkins!
Eating muffins with his friends.
Playing outside, that's Mr. Kebin.
On the playground.
The sensory tub.
Carson- this kid cracks me up. Kevin and I joke about how he's always dressed like it's casual friday. Except on halloween, of course.

Smiley man.
Sharing his koala.