We're here! And it's dark and cold and cozy. Davis was a champ on the plane and LOVED meeting his little cousin Lela. She is a doll- seriously so cute. And it was great to see Niles and Polly and their new house. It's very cozy and has that northeastern charm.

Oh, P.S. Davis just said to me "hey- peek out the window and see if it's snowing yet." WHERE AM I? MAINE! It's supposed to storm and snow tomorrow. I can't wait, though I do want to meander the cute little cobblestone streets and shops in downtown Portland. So cute here!

Also, my grandfather is going home tomorrow. I am so thankful for that. So happy Thanksgiving week! The holidays are here! Countdown is on until 95.5 is all Christmas songs, all the time. DE-LI-LAH!