Living Right

So God is clearly speaking to Bennett and I this week about how we are living and where we are putting our energy and our assets. We had a GREAT sermon on Sunday about giving- and why you give- and even just writing that sounds boring, but seriously, if you have some time, listen to the sermon here. Turn on your volume and listen to "FAQ". It makes you think about how you live and what you invest in, and why, totally differently.

On top of that, I read this blog post this morning and literally found myself crying at my desk at work. Can you even imagine knowing an orphaned 16 year old who has lived his life on a trash dump? Digging for his meals and even his clothes and anything he could find to get by? Better yet, could you imagine BEING an orphaned 16 year old who has lived his life on a trash dump? Digging for your meals, wearing anything you could find that got tossed out, thinking it is normal, not noticing the smell, realizing that where you go to the bathroom is also where you lay your head, and even still finding joy in life? It breaks my heart.

It breaks my heart because I'm sitting here in clean clothes and patent leather shoes. With earrings that match- and I "had to" choose between which pair to wear to accessorize my outfit. And I had an egg mcmuffin this morning. And drank coffee. And I'm wearing glasses that were perfectly fixed for my vision. And I drove my Volvo to work.

And it breaks my heart even more because that is someone's little boy. Someone who loved him as much as I love Davis. And it seriously hurts my heart. And it hurts because there is so much pain like that in the world. But it stings because I have MORE than enough, and I'm not doing my part.