Gift Guides

I love holiday shopping and this year I've really gotten into gift guides. I've checked Lucky, Instyle,, but one of my favorites is from a friend and fellow blogger, Meagan at Bluebonnets & Bluebell. Half the reason I love it is because she has picked things you probably wouldn't buy yourself- at least not on a regular occasion. So, anyway, in the spirit of holiday shopping, giving and fabulous is my effort at a gift guide. Part One.

I've become a real watch lover. I don't know when this happened- but I have three watches- one cheapie, one everyday coach watch that Davis gave me for my 25th birthday, and an amazing fancy watch Davis also gave me for our 6th anniversary. Anyway- I don't plan to have a ton of watches- but I always admire them. Here is a super cute one from Timex. So nice and a great price: $80 at nordstrom.

Another great gift, which is a splurge, in my opinion, is a nice makeup brush, or better yet, a set. This one is from Mac, and is under $50.

Okay, if I lived in Maine, or anywhere north of Kansas, I would need these cute slippers. Steve Madden, Merryy slippers, less than $40.

I am really into rose gold lately- and I am loving these simple bands. I would want them in matte vs. shiny, I think, but they are amazing either way. Found them on etsy- shop is Silverwoods. They are a bit more pricey- $225- but totally worth it, right? If you are my friend and end up buying/receiving them- don't show me. I'll be so jealous. :)

For your sophisticated techie friends- a smart houndstooth ipad case. $75 from Mari Forssell on etsy.

For your buddy, husband, brother or dad with great style...this alligator billfold from trelabela on etsy.

For your home- a pouf! :) Many sizes, shapes and prices on etsy from aletafae.

This scarf is awesome. Don't even ask how much it is- it's absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for nothing, Anthropologie. :(

OOh! This is too pretty. And for $28? How can you not? Free People.

This cubist cuff is perfect for a holiday party- or could be paired with an everyday watch and outfit for a little sparkle. It's $25 from Noonday Collection- which means it is a gift that gives back! (This reminds me of you, Kirsten. And I want one too. Friendship bracelets?)

And another bracelet- simple but certainly eyecatching. $95 from J.Crew.

Also- don't forget all the cute holiday palettes from Mac. Cute names like "Snowglobe" and "Dazzlesphere" shadows. So pretty and definitely things people don't usually buy themselves.

Okay- that's all I got. For now.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!