Davis, Cookie?

Davis is saying his name a lot more lately. Everything from associating an item with himself, like "Davis, cookie?" to saying "Davis turn" when it's his turn. His sentences are getting longer and lately I've also noticed his appetite is getting bigger. He says "mo" a lot. "Mo pizza Daddy?" It's pretty cute.

He keeps waking up in the night- which is kind of annoying- but hard to ignore. He is really such a sweet kid that I feel like a jerk ignoring it. But I also kind of hope it's a phase because I don't need to be waking up with TWO kids in the night in a couple months- just one.

He is really into Elmo these days. He likes to have Elmo do the things he's doing. It started with me trying to tell him to put Elmo down one night because Elmo (and Davis) had to go to sleep. We tucked Elmo in, kissed him, and then Davis went to sleep. This is now a ritual. Last night, while changing Davis' diaper he said "Change Elmo diaper?" Elmo does, in fact, have a diaper, so I guess it makes sense.

Also, on the way home from work the other day, I picked up some chicken nuggets for him. They came with a little toy cat. The cat is plastic, so not cuddly in any way, but Davis hugged him, kissed him, and then for the first time I heard him say "Rub ye belly?" And sure enough, he took his little finger and rubbed all one and a half inches of that tiny cat's belly. I often offer to rub Davis' belly at night- so he was just sharing the love. Sweet kid, really.

Little lady is kicking and moving like crazy. Last night while lying on the couch I could see my stomach move. It's gotten to that point, which is crazy. I can't wait to meet her- I think it's going to be great to be a family of four and have a little girl around. Only a couple more months.

I'm feeling great too. Still working out- though the workouts themselves have changed a little bit. Less running- more elliptical- but same weights, repetitions, etc. Have a measurement day on Saturday which stinks because I know all my measurements will be up- but oh well. Ha.

Getting excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas and trying to think of something interesting to do or give to instead of doing crazy gifts this year...

Hope you are all doing well. Peace out.