30 Week Stats

Blood drawn, one finger prick and one shot in the butt later, I am done with the 30 week check-up. First let me say that everyone in the waiting room was in a merry mood- and those that weren't- I took it upon myself to try and spread the holiday cheer in their direction. Some more succesfully than others. Being in Maine really got us in the holiday spirit- that is for sure.

Anyway- here are the stats:
- I passed the glucose test with flying colors. Even after breaking all the 48 hour prep rules. Oops. I forgot. Seeker's exact words were "you can really handle your sugar...". I wanted to say "tell me something I don't know, I've been eating skittles like vitamins since I was 16."

- I've gained 15 pounds to date

- Baby girl Bennett weighs 4+ lbs and is in the 70th percentile

- She is measuring a week early

In addition, I asked Seeker some questions & found out that:
- if born at 30 weeks, survival rate is 100%

- best guess at due date is based on previous gestation period- so she is likely to be a week early and she is also likely to be around the same weight as Davis

- if your first labor was 14 hours, your second is likely to be 7 or so

- if you pushed for 2.5 hours the first time- you can still expect just 15-30 minutes on your second baby. pushing is all for the first baby. That information was music to my ears!

So- I made all my final appointments, which made things seem very real...AND we put the crib together Sunday- it's so cute! AND the linens for her bedding came in to Red! AND, because of the holidays I really only have about 6 weeks left of work. Holy cow!

Maine pics to come later...when I find my camera charger.
Happy Monday.