X Ray Friday

We had two appointments on Friday- the sonogram- and a visit with Davis' doctor to talk to her about his limp. I have gone back and forth on taking him in since he hasn't shown any pain...but just decided to take him in and figure it out.

Our doctor wrote the book Baby 411 and is sort of a big deal, I guess. Our doctor is also super dry and often comes across as unimpressed by most everything, so I figured I would feel silly after I told her the story of how I don't know what happened, if anything, but that he has been limping. IInstead, she felt every part of his foot and leg and said I needed to take him for X-rays on one of his toes. Out of curiosity, I asked what would happen if he did have a broken toe (I've always heard there is nothing you can really do) and she quickly said "Well, he would need a cast." WHAT?

So I took him to get x-rays and he was NOT happy because I couldn't go in with him since I'm pregnant. He was fine, though, so we've been waiting to hear what is up. We were supposed to go in today, but now I guess we're waiting till Monday. Of course today is the first day he is showing no sign of a limp. Hmmph.

Anyway, today we went and looked for costumes at Target and a few other places, and since he wouldn't even try one on, we decided to either do a makeshift skeleton out of this cute hoodie Nikki gave him and some black pants he has, or borrow Porter's hamburger from last year. He'll be cute no matter what, and I'd rather not purchase a costume he won't wear. Again.

We're getting more excited about our little girl. Davis said today he is sort of set on Holden for her name, but that he is still totally open...and I am still 33/33/33 between Tommy, Holden and Annie Eloise. Seriously, some days I'm like "Oh, totally Annie Eloise. I'm ready to commit..." then the next day I'm like "Actually, I feel 100% about Tommy..." so I guess we're not really ready yet to commit. Ha. We got her rug in last week and it is sooo adorable. Cuter than I had even hoped. I can't wait to set up her room.

Adios for now.