V for Victory

Two victories last night- they probably sound silly- but they are victories in my book. It's been so nice lately, so we've been playing outside and going on walks after work. This puts us back at the house later, and it means Davis eats dinner later. Last night, he ate at 6:45, and he ate: a whole jar of squash, a whole chicken patty, fruit and for reward: minas and cheerios.

We then played for a while and I introduced him to Bob the Builder- which he seemed to like- (thank God, if i have to watch more Caillou I might lose my mind). Can we fix it? YES WE CAN! And didn't go to bed until about 7:45. I was at my workout, but Bennett said he just fussed a little and then fell asleep. And he slept, like a rock, until I woke him up at 8:00 this morning. That's the Davis I know.

Tomorrow we leave for Ohio- I'm NOT excited about the flight- but I'm SO excited to get there! I have been praying that it's smooth and easy. Three and a half hours doesn't seem that long until you're stuck in a tiny space, with a two year old, and a person on your right or left that hates your guts.

Oh also- a few funny things I want to remember:
1) Davis is learning how fun it is to throw things. Sometimes I think it's funny too. Even when I shouldn't, I guess. But last night, he threw over the barstool and though I was telling him how upset I was, he didn't get it. He still thought it was funny. He then got pulled over to the wall to sit there and think for a while and he quickly realized how NOT funny it was. I looked at him and said "Say you're sorry," not really expecting a response. He looked at me with tears and said "sawwy." I also said, very firmly, "we don't throw furniture. Okay? OKAY?" also not expecting a response. He quietly said "okay..." and Bennett and I looked at each other and just almost died laughing.

2) Also last night, while they were rocking, Bennett played "Where's your XXX?" with Davis which usually starts with "Where's your nose? Where's your hair?" Bennett said that after a few, Davis will start to giggle and tuck his head down because he is anticipating Bennett saying "Where's your neck?" and then he tickles him to pieces. I love picturing that! He also said "Where are your elbows?" not really expecting a response- but Davis crossed his arms, touched his elbows and said "These my elbows". HA!

We totally underestimate that guy.