Thanks Baby

Yesterday Davis helped me carry things in from Target and so I said "thanks baby..." to which he responded, without skipping a beat, by saying "thanks baby" right back to me. Ha. Also, this weekend he walked into the living room, saw Bennett on the couch and said "Hi Daddy..." and while that doesn't read funny- he said it in this tone: "Well hello- didn't expect to see you here." It's always funnier when it's your kid. Okay. Moving on.

As I mentioned, Bennett did a huge amount of work in going through all of our junk in a couple closets in the house this weekend. This allowed us to free up what is currently the guest room closet, which will soon be the baby's room, so I could hang some clothes in her closet. OH MY GOSH. SO FUN. I'll take a picture and post tomorrow. Also I got two little plastic boxes to put on the shelf to house some baby things like thermometers, pacifiers, desitin, etc. They have hearts on them (the brighter colors, on the left, below). They are sort of cheesy but also really cute and they remind me of the 80s. I feel like Nikki had a shirt with hearts like these or something when we were little.
I also ordered a new boppy cover for her. Two reasons. 1) Davis' has a hole in it and 2) it's blue on blue polka dota and that just won't do. This one is better, don't you agree?
Next, we have to turn our office into an office/guest room by purchasing a sleeper sofa that will fit for goodness sakes, move the guest room stuff into storage, and begin on her room. And I don't want to wait any longer, really. Yesterday, when talking to my grandparents, my grandma said something about how I still have 3 months. To which I said "Nanny- three months will FLY by!" :) Plus, I just love thinking about putting her room together and I want to take my time.

So I'm hoping to make tons of cash at the garage sale Saturday (fat chance- I'm not selling that much) and get this train in motion. I can't wait. This week is going to be a good one...two workouts with Ahmad, drinks with girlfriends on Thursday, and then celebrating Kirsten's return to Texas on Saturday after the garage sale. OOOH, and it's supposed to get cold tomorrow. Have to get out my cold weather wear.
Have I gotten a little carried away with the picture storytelling? Perhaps. But I'm enjoying myself. Hope you are too.