Ohio Overload

You ready for an Ohio picture overload? Here goes...
Their beautiful house.

The view from their backyard. Pretty hard to beat.
Patterson's Farm.
The apple barn at Patterson's farm.
Brayden and Davis picking apples.
So many apples to choose from.
Brayden trying to hug Davis for photo opp.
Still trying...
Eating apples.
Eating two apples.
Taking a break to really enjoy them.
Still eating...
So happy with his Ohio apples.
Katie, Callie and Brayden during our picnic.
This is Hudson- so cute!
The town square in Hudson.
Davis' favorite toy of Brayden's- he wouldn't get out!
Making applesauce.
At the pumpkin patch.
Sporting his UT gear, showing his support.
Checking out the leaf pile.
Not really sure what to do with the leaf pile...
Davis making himself right at home with his friends.
On a John Deere tractor ride.
Cracking heads in the corn pit.
Sweet Callie.

See, I wasn't kidding. We had so much fun, though, I wanted to share all the great things we did. I am missing Katie, and Davis is missing "bayden" already. I heart Ohio.