Music Class

So we signed Davis up for music class, which meets twice a week at school. At first we sort of put it off, and felt a little nickel and dimed since it's extra, but then one day Bennett dropped Davis off at school when the music teacher was in his room, with her guitar. I think it was his first day back after Ohio and being sick and I was nervous about how he would do. Bennett said he lingered around a bit to make sure Davis was okay, and/but that Davis was immediately mesmerized by the woman and her guitar. He joked that he kept looking to make sure Davis was okay and Davis, in return, kept looking at him, then looking at the lady with the guitar, as if to say "Dad. Do you see what's happening here? This is amazing. Don't let the door hit you on the way out..."

So we signed him up. And now I'm thinking it's kind of silly because the class meets on Mondays and Thursdays and he isn't even there on Thursdays. BUT- music is great for kids and humans in general AND- we felt bad making him be the sad kid that has to go play in the other room during music class. Ha. So there you have it. We're softies.

Anyway- one thing I love is listening to him sing, making up words and mimicking sounds from the songs he is learning. Is there anything sweeter than a toddler singing? I think not.

He has his first school pictures- on his birthday- and I am SO excited to get those. I hope they have backgrounds with laser beams and stuff. My mom was always too classy for that so we would have the plain blue background...but I'm going to be like "fireworks? awesome. something exploding in the background? of course that will be a good backdrop." I don't know what that says about me- but he is a little boy. I have a few of Bennett with those tacky laser beams and they just crack me up.

So, in honor of What I Love Wednesday, a few things I am digging these days:
1) Bennett making me an over easy egg in the morning.
2) Davis eating more. YES. He loves sitting at the big table with his new booster seat.
3) How much baby girl is kicking.
4) That Rosie, the cleaning lady is coming today. Is there a better treat?
5) Compliments. A few people have complimented me lately and it's made me feel so good that I am going to try to be more aware of opportunities to compliment people. A little goes a long way.
6) Our Wednesday night community group.
7) That Davis all of the sudden calls one of his teachers "Mr. Kevin" and the other two just "Kathryn" and "Logan".
8) Davis' age. Bennett and I were talking the other day about how much we love this age. He can talk a little, he can understand, he's so fun.
9) Egg casserole. Nanny, I need that recipe, asap. :)
10) That Bennett was the main picture on Atomic Athlete this week:
11) That we're having a little GIRL!