Moa Bar?

Davis really loved everything about Ohio. Including the Fiber One granola bars Katie buys. He had one while there and because it's rare that he likes food- I bought some right away when we got back. One night, after refusing dinner, he woke up around 11:00, just crying, so miserable and upset. I tried rocking, I tried milk, and then I said "Okay. Sorry. It's nigh nigh." As I walked out he said "hungy?" So of course I felt bad and went and got him something to eat- a fiber one granola bar. Oats and Chocolate to be exact.

I told him what it was and handed him a piece and he ate the whole thing in bed, then slept like a little log, full of oats and chocolate, and fiber.

The next night, as he was going to sleep, he kept saying something over and over and was so frustrated with me that I wasn't understanding. I tried everything. I couldn't understand what "Moa Bye? Moa Bye?" meant. Then finally realized, he was trying to say "granola bar". So I got him a little piece and he was happy and went right to bed.

I've created a monster. He is obsessed. Moa bars are what he wants for every meal and every snack and it's so funny to hear/see him when he gets one. You get out the granola bar, he checks immediately to confirm that it's the highly cherished fiber one bar, not a crappy nutri-grain bar, and if/when he sees that it is, he smiles and does a very low and evil laugh. Seriously. And I have NO IDEA where he picked that up.

He has a major diaper rash today- (poor kid can't catch a break)- so I made sure to stop and get some moa bars after my workout this morning for him. We hadn't had them in a few days. He was so excited and ate the whole thing, then asked for more. Who knew a kid would love something from Fiber One so much? They are pretty good though, I will admit.

Separately, he has said and done some funny things lately. Last night, he was just crying so hard about his diaper rash, he could hardly walk and was very distraught. Tears are pouring down his little face so Pico walks up, realizes something is wrong, and starts licking his leg. Bennett said that through his tears, Davis said "Pico. Thank you Pico..." like "you really get it- thanks for being there for me." Ha.

Bennett will kill me for this one, but I think it's funny. Also last night as he was painfully getting his diaper changed, he was just crying so hard when Bennett may or may not have passed a little gas. Bennett said Davis got quiet, paused and then looked at him and said "Poo Poo Daddy..." and it wasn't a question or an observation. It was said like "Oh Daddy, poo poo. Yuck." Ha.

Happy Thursday.