Little Mr. Sicky

Poor guy had another rough night last night. I hope he starts feeling better. I guess this could last 7-10 days. UGH. My mom came today to help so I could go back to work. We have our big 40th anniversary party tonight at work and I'm so excited. I just hope he goes to sleep okay- both for him and so I can actually go and enjoy it. Praying that I don't get it next. Thank God for Honey.

This is how we've been spending a good majority of the last two days.

Okay- one quick thing I don't want to forget. I've noticed lately that when Davis and I rock before bed- he can't get comfortable or settled as quickly. Now I know it's because of my growing stomach- but I can tell he is wondering what the deal is...he lays his head down on my chest, then sits up, sort of pushes my stomach in, looks at me and tries again. He then sits up again and scoots further out on my knees until he's at the right angle. Ha. Poor kid. We're both just going to get less and less comfortable in the next 16 weeks.