Davis has been so fun. He thinks everything is hysterical. He loves to laugh- so he'll giggle at anything from throwing a pumpkin around in his room or me shouting at Pico. Everything is just so funny.

I'm also realizing what a sweet, kind heart he really has. This weekend we played with Courtney's nephew, Hunter. Hunter is older than Davis by more than a year. They played together really well- I wasn't surprised by that. I was surprised by how Davis handled some of the situations, though. Hunter had a special Pooh bear that of course, Davis wanted to hug and carry around. Hunter wasn't so into that idea. I would tell Davis to hug Pooh and then hand him back- and every time he did- without a fuss. I think that's pretty neat.

He's also learning so much at school. He is constantly saying words I haven't taught him- like "triangle" or "race car" to name a couple. He is also really into "booty" lately, which is a puffed rice snack that is actually called "Pirate's Booty". Eating is still a mess, though. We keep trying new foods and he keeps refusing. And I know we can let him go hungry, he'll eat eventually, but it feels bad to send your son to sleep with an empty tummy, knowing he also didn't eat much lunch. Kid is picky.

Separately- he's having some weird sleep issues lately. He wakes up every night at least once, crying, looking for his binky. Bennett and I decided we're going to let him cry it out...but last night was different. He just sobbed for such a long time. Not a throwing a fit cry, but a sad cry. When Bennett went in there- he was just lying on his back, crying. Poor guy. This kept up for an hour or so. Not sure what was wrong- but it took him quite a while (and some Tylenol) to finally relax. I know these phases happen, but I sure hope that 1) he sleeps okay in Ohio this week and 2) he gets back in his groove before his baby sister comes.

Here are a few pictures his teacher shared from school. These pictures make me so happy and remind me of all the fun things he gets to do there. What a lucky guy!

This picture made me smile- what a fun thing- learning to wash babies at school. Love the diversity...

Reading a little book. I love their classroom because there is so much natural light from the windows.

This is Hudson. I wish I could see them play together- Davis mentions him a lot at home and every time I walk in with Davis, Hudson says "Davis is here!"

Stacking blocks. Such determination.