In the Last Three Days

1) Davis has started feeling so much better!
2) I have started feeling better, though I did find a tiny blister on my toe today that I am obsessing over.
3) We had our third Santa Barbara Supper club at La Traviata with Courtney and B, followed by dessert at Second Bar.
4) We went to the UT game- oh my Lawd it was hot and we walked up and down and up and down and back and forth and cheered and ate sno cones and maybe some nachos with that gross (but sort of awesome) fake cheese.
5) We cleaned out our office closet, swapped the stuff in our guest room closet into the office closet, started going through everything in our house in preparation for a garage sale. Okay really, Bennett did the majority of the work here and I am so thankful.
6) We ate "Grands" with honey- my first time. AMAZING.
7) Bennett and Davis played with walkie-talkies and also practiced some serious wrestling moves on the couch.
8) We went to the park.
9) Davis found and played with dominoes. For hours.
10) I caught up with my grandparents on the phone!

This was a busy weekend and I am so glad we're finally feeling better. I hope it stays this way. And I hope Davis gets clearance from his doctor tomorrow to go back to school.