Hug You Momma

Last night we went to HEB and Davis kept asking to get out of the cart to "hug you momma". This is usually a clever ploy to get down as typically he hugs me for one second and then squirms until I put him down, so he can then run amock. Last night, though, he nuzzled his little head into my neck and just kept saying "hug you momma...hug you momma..." as you can imagine, I was in heaven. It was so sweet and so unexpected and I thought back to when I was so worried he would never know I was his mom or love me any more than anyone else. You are probably reading this thinking that is silly, but seriously, he had a permanent serious face or frown until he was about 8 months and he could have cared less whether I was holding him or some stranger was holding him. So thankful he loves his momma.

This morning, I dropped him off at school and before I left I said "Okay, mommy's going to work, give me a big hug..." and he did. And then he ran off but quickly turned around and said "Hug you momma! Hug you momma!" And I hugged him and said "okay, I gotta go..." and I walked out the gate.

And through the gate, I could see him turn around, look at me and ask for one more hug. "Hug you momma! Hug you momma!" And I kept going. And he cried. Oh did he cry. And the whole walk up- I asked myself what I was doing. On one hand- I went to a special seminar that said to make clean breaks when you leave so they realize bye is goodbye. It helps them move on and have fun and stop thinking if they cry, you will go back. On the other hand, he might have needed just one more hug and I didn't go back. I sort of feel sick about it.

Tonight, he will get smothered in hugs.
P.S. This new background is in honor of fall and Halloween.