Gettin Punkins

Yesterday was so beautiful- it actually felt like fall- so after work we went to pick out some pumpkins. Davis was so excited. Actually he was more excited about the big tractors that were parked near the punkins, but after checking out the tractor, I tried to get him excited about the pumpkins by chanting "we're getting pumpkins, we're getting pumpkins!" He loved it and said it himself: "Getting punkins!!" We looked at all of them, some big some small, and Davis loved trying to pick them all up. We decided on two- a medium sized and a big one and as we were looking, he tried to pick the big one up and I said "Oh Davis, it's too big!" "Too big!" he said. :) Such a talker these days.

This morning I took him to school and for the 2nd day in a row, we put on a little sweatshirt over his t. As I put it on he said "Comfy! Comfy!" and yesterday he said "Cozy! Cozy!" Too cute.

Two fun things happened today at drop off- his teacher told me about them carving out a pumpkin yesterday and how Davis didn't want to touch the icky inside with a 10 foot pole. He does not like getting gooey stuff on his hands. Also, as I was hanging around, watching him play in his little blue hoodie, I watched him go from standing to sitting on his butt in about two seconds. His little "friend" Max had walked up, grabbed his hood, and yanked him to the ground. Ha. It sort of cracked me up. There was no malice- it was more like "Yeah, you're wearing a hoodie. What else do you think I'm going to do but pull you to the ground..." Davis, on the other hand, was quite upset about it.

"Momma! Hug! Momma! Hug!" He can't get enough hugs in the morning at drop off. It's so fun. Sometimes after I say "Okay, big hug, mommy's going to work..." he'll toddle off and then turn around so quickly for one last "hug! hug!" and then he is good to go with his friends. I can never get enough of those little snuggly hugs in his comfy, cozy clothes.