What Happen Dat Toot?

Today Davis and I went over to the Ryans to play, eat some meat, and watch football. It was a perfect afternoon. Davis and Porter played, we hung out on the porch, and eventually the boys stripped down to play with the water hose. Davis got butt naked, of course, and loved being soaked by Porter, the hose master. Davis would open his mouth so wide for a "dink! dink!" and Porter would spray him right in the kisser. So funny- they are going to be quite a pair.

This went on for a while until at one point, as Davis was minding his own business, scooping dirt from a pot into a dump truck, he bent over and let out the longest, loudest, sputtering toot. Porter stopped what he was doing abruptly, and looked at Carrie and I and said "What dat?" I giggled and said "Davis tooted..."

Meanwhile, Davis carried on like nothing had happened...but Porter, Porter was disturbed by the whole situation. He stood there for a minute, staring, clearly thinking...and then said "What happen dat toot?" It was clear that he was trying to contextualize and really understand the thing that had just occurred. What was it? Would it happen again? Were things okay? Was Davis okay? It was pretty funny to watch the whole thing happen.

Today was just what I needed. Good friends, nice weather, amazing food and happy little guys running around playing.