We're here!

Been up since 4 am, no nap, and though there were a few really low points on the plane, we are happy.  All of the sudden a wave of nausea hit me on the plane. I went white, body became soaked with sweat, and I almost passed out. This, of course, happened right when Davis hit the wall. Figuratively, sure, but he was so sick of being on that plane, his meltdown sounded like he hit a literal wall.

We got here at 7 am LA time, so we were super lucky that the hotel let us check in early. 9 am. So nice, right? Shutters is amazing and when we walked in, me looking pale, and Davis covered in sprite and every snack I gave him on the way, we for sure looked like the grubbiest people here. Real fancy.

We took a break for a while, then walked out to the beach, went to see the car show at the pier, then walked over to the Santa Monica Farmers market. The weather is amazing here. Davis loved the beach, and right now Bennett and I are watching UT play while we pretend Davis is sleeping instead of banging the bathroom door open and shut against his pack n play. Oh, traveling with toddlers.

More to come.