San Francisco Treats

Like I said, I have done nothing but find shoe after shoe today in San Francisco. I purchased three pairs. Yep, three. One I actually wore right out of the store until it broke. So I am down to two. The first is this lovely pair of boots I actually tried on probably 10 times last year. I didn't buy them because I didn't know if I loved them for the long-term. I guess I do (love them for the long haul) because I ended up buying them a year later.
The next pair is my first of this brand, Merrell. I realize these are for really outdoorsy, hiking people, and while that I am not, I do always pretend to be uber-sporty. I think these will really come in handy this fall and winter, and they are comfortable, which means more to me right now than most of the time.
The third thing is a little blanket for baby Bennett that I actually bought at Giggle in Santa Monica. The color is off a bit in this pic- it's a really cute orange and pink. Looks a little red here.
Also got Davis a little sweatshirt in Carmel- but can't find a picture. Not sure how we're going to get everything back to Texas without paying for going over the weight limit. Oy vey.

Tomorrow we're going to an all rubber park- poor Davis deserves something just for him after all the driving and shopping and walking/strolling.