Rationalizing with a Two Year Old

Davis has NOT been sleeping well since we got home. He gets up several times, he screams bloody murder (while nothing seems to be wrong), and he really is wide awake each time he wakes up. Surely this cannot be due to the two hour time change, right? Anyway- last night- I got up with him at 3:00 and he just wanted to rock and then every time I would put him back in his crib he would scramble up to his feet so fast and say "Hog? Hog?" which is how he says hug.

I had tried everything to get him to go back to sleep, so I decided just to tell him how it was. He kept asking for Daddy and Honey and finally I just hugged him, looked at him and said "Davis. Daddy went nigh nigh. Honey is going nigh nigh. Pico went nigh nigh and mommy needs to go nigh nigh. It's TIME for Davis to lie down and go NIGH NIGH." He cocked his head to the side, looked at me, and then to my huge surprise he laid down, tilted his head a little and said "nigh nigh?" YES DAVIS. NIGH NIGH. I don't want to see you again until the morning. :)

Also, we had our 22 week dr. appt. monday and everything looked great. Strong heartbeat, right on track with size and everything, and we are good to go. Our next appointment will be the big sonogram where they look at every little part. So thankful for good news- or no news, really.
That's all for now.