Davis and I are going to go see Katie, Brayden, Callie and Ray in Hudson OHIO next month. I cannot wait. Today she sent me a potential itinerary and it made me so excited- pumpkin patches, wineries and apple picking- OH MY! I don't know who will enjoy it more between Davis and I. The cool fall weather, being with Katie, seeing the kids and Ray. It's going to be great. I wish Bennett could go- but we are going on vacation next week and he doesn't have the vacation days. That's a bummer, but I'm still so excited to go!

Three funny things to note:
1) I always caps lock OHIO. I don't know why. I just do.

2) I asked Bennett to get a very specific pack of diapers to leave at Davis' school yesterday. I emailed the exact name and even gave a back up option if for some crazy reason they were out of those.

Today I went in to make sure they had the diapers- and Bennett brought in Pull-Ups. Pull-ups are for leaks and accidents- not almost two year olds who are still full on doing their duty in their diapers. TOTAL DAD MOVE. I have to bust his chops a little on that one.

3) Last night Bennett and Davis went in to brush Davis' teeth. Davis loves doing it himself- which basically consists of him getting his brush wet and sucking all the "elmo" toothpaste off the brush. He HATES it when it's mine or Bennett's turn. HATES it. Screams like we are chopping off all of his toes one by one.

So last night after the wrestling match, Bennett gave him his binky as a reward, and because it was time for bed. Davis snatched it so quickly, looked at Bennett, turned around, walked out of the bathroom and shut Bennett in the bathroom behind him. HA. Because I was in the hall, watching, I could see that he then took off down the hall with a quick walk, looking behind him to make sure his toothbrushing nemesis was still locked in. Funny kid.

Back to the point- here are some photos of OHIO (and OHIO produce) in the fall. No, that's not Katie's house, though hers is similarly gorgeous. I pulled these from Google images. I hope we get to play in a pile of leaves.