Long Weekends

Are so nice. We spent ours playing, napping, cooking, watching movies and getting some work done around the house. It went so fast because it was so fun and relaxing. Bennett and I took turns sleeping in and today when we woke up, it was actually nice out. Yes! We played out front, Davis on his little powered 4 wheeler, and then packed him up in the stroller and walked about a mile or so to Starbucks. Davis was so good on the way and when we got there. He sat in his chair and just waited patiently, eating his snack, while we talked and enjoyed the morning.

Later today I ran some errands and got Davis' things ready for the week. I'm hopeful that this week will go okay with school, especially because I will be out of town for work tomorrow and Wednesday. I actually think Davis has an easier time when Bennett drops him off, but man, he is in a momma phase these days. It's very sweet for me, but I do hope it balances out a bit for Bennett's sake.

Wanted to share this note from Bennett to me last week regarding school. I think it's so sweet and it made me BEAM when I read it. BEAM.

Re: How did he do?

When we first got there, we were riding down the elevator and right before we got to the bottom he yelled “Bomp!” and did a quasi-squat/jump without leaving the ground… pretty awesome. When we got to the garage level he took off running towards the playground. Walked onto the playground and he let go of my hand and went straight to Logan with a big smile on his face, and then quickly took off running again. I went to sign him in, and he started getting a little upset, so I stuck around for a bit. He was having a good time and then when I had to leave he got a little pouty. Logan took him and he started to shape up pretty quick. Even spied on him from the second story of the building, and he was having a good old time climbing up and down the playscape. I think he is doing fine, and getting more and more used to it everyday. He did ask for you quite a bit as we were pulling up to the building, but to be expected right?

Love you and see you in a bit.