I Call Bullshit, Beyonce.

First things first- we're back and so thrilled to be home. I will go into details about the trip once I download our photos, but in the meantime, I have a bone to pick.

I was catching up on people.com today and I read how Beyonce feels so empowered being pregnant. I've heard this before- mainly from famous people who you can't take seriously anyway- but this time I really thought: "Seriously? You feel empowered? That is the word you are using to describe being pregnant? Not round? Slow? Frumpy? Emotional? Insecure? Just to name a few...

So I'm curious- does any real woman truly feel that "empowered" is the word you would use to describe your pregnancy? I mean, if so, power to you. No judgement, I'm excited for you. But I find it so hard to believe- just because of how I feel. I forgot how different I feel when pregnant- it's all coming back to me and I don't really like it. I don't mean to be a complainer- I'm thrilled to be pregnant and having a baby and I realize how lucky I am. But I feel all these things I don't normally feel (slow, frumpy, insecure, etc) and I don't really like it...and I don't know how to shake it.

I mean, Bennett is hurting my feelings left and right and I realize that it's more likely that I've changed significantly in the last month, than he has. Not to say that he couldn't be more sensitive- I mean they all could be- right? But for the most part- I think I read more into things than normal and my feelings are always hurt, leaving me feeling emotional and insecure.

Eww, I'm grossing myself out even writing this blog. Blech. But it's true. I consider myself a strong, secure woman, and while I'm thankful to be pregnant, I am calling Beyonce's bluff about pregnancy making people feel empowered. And I need to know- who's with me?