Highway 1

So a couple quick catch up notes...
Sunday morning in Venice Beach was so perfect. We went to the Omelette Parlor on Main in Santa Monica, then headed over to the muscle beach area. Davis went crazy running and chasing the birds and it was so so beautiful. We had such a great morning, the three of us.

We picked Nikki and Honey up early early Monday morning and began the trip up the coast, first stopping in Santa Barbara. I love Santa Barbara. If I knew how to insert one of those heart emoticons here- I would. We found a hotel- the ones I had spent hours researching were booked (boo) but actually had a good time running from hotel to hotel, then literally meeting on a street corner with our arms crossed, comparing our finds. We stayed at Mason Beach Inn and it was great for the night.

We had a seafood feast on the wharf at Brophy Bros and then Nikki and I got to do a little State street shopping before everything closed.

This morning, we were back on the road for the longest stretch (not counting the direct drive back to LA Friday) up the coast to Monterey and Carmel. Davis was a champ, slept and watched Barney and was really happy. The rest of us played Travel Topics- which was a great gift from my mom to Bennett (today is his birthday!). Checked in at the Hyatt Regency Monterey (beautiful), grabbed lunch, then drove over to Carmel by the Sea. On the way, we stopped and saw Pebble Beach and took a bunch of amazing photos. It doesn't feel like real life here- where do these people vacation? It's gorgeous. We all sort of got a little sick of the car, but Carmel was worth it. It's only 5 mins from Monterey, but all in all, it was a big, long, driving day.

Okay- PS- I want to come back to Carmel sans toddler. Which reminds me- while he is so adorable and has been a trooper on this trip, he's still a toddler...and I have to say, I think there is another word for traveling wtih a two year old. It's not "vacation". :) Maybe I'm just pregnant and tired.

Anyway- just a quick update and now I'm looking for a dinner spot to take Bennett for his 32nd bday. Ooh, love him so!