Davis is talking so much more lately- real words strung together and also a lot more gibberish that sounds like a real conversation. When it's gibberish- he will insert words he knows here and there and I've noticed that he says this a lot "blah blah blah blah Binky-awbinky...blah blah blah." There is no pause, just the random binky-awbinky inserted here and there.

Also last night while talking I noticed something else. He was just chatting away, all gibberish, but would occasionally say "Hudson" which is the name of a little boy in his class. I will talk to him about all the kids in his class occasionally and he repeats their names and recognizes what we're talking about- but this was the first time he has singled out and talked about one of the kids on his own. I wondered to myself if that is his first little friend at school.

Today when I dropped him off, we walked on to the playground and immediately heard "Davis!" and it was Hudson, who walked right over to him, hugged him and was clearly so excited to see him. It was so cute. They then jumped in this little canoe where Logan (the teacher) was singing "Row Row Row Your Boat". Davis was so happy.

He absolutely loves the playground- so I try to get him there as close to 8:00 as possible since they just adjusted their schedule and that is the first of two opportunities in the day to play out there. Drops offs prove to be much easier out there and I can see why- it's a great playground. The ground is partially cushy, soft green astro turf, so if you crawl or fall it doesn't hurt. There is a giant sandbox, a canoe, a playhouse, a huge court for running and playing with cars and push mowers.

He likes it so much that today- I didn't even have to hand him off. I told him I was leaving, he ran to hug me tight tight tight, and then I pointed him back to Hudson and Logan and he started running across the court to get a little mower to push around. Yahoo!

Bennett got home last night and I know Davis was so excited to see him. He got home so late and so when he didn't come right to bed, my feelings were hurt, and I was like "What is he doing?" I got up, walked down the hall and he was quietly leaning over Davis' bed, rubbing his back. Sweethearts. Both of them.

Oh, one other bit of Child's Day news. Yesterday I walked in just moments after Davis busted his head. The director was walking into the room, and I didn't see Davis, and I immediately knew something was up. They have this little wooden puzzle with lots of metal locks on it that you can lock and unlock. He was playing with it, it slipped off the table, and as he tried to stop it he pushed on the bottom and then the top of it wacked him in the head. Big bruise and even blood. Poor guy. I called him "Davis Dunbar Graves Bruiser Bennett" yesterday.

That's all for now.