20 Weeks

It's hard to believe that I am 20 weeks pregnant. HALFWAY through my pregnancy. It's gone so fast, it's just hard to believe that in about four months we will have a little girl. When I say it's hard to believe, I really mean that I am having a hard time believing it. A little girl? In four months? A family of four? In four months? AHH!

It's funny how last time, four months seemed like a lifetime. This time, four months seems more like a minute. So much to do and yet- I feel so much more prepared than I did the first time. Thank God. I really had no clue what I was getting into. It's both comical and scary.

So, although it's hard to realize mentally, physically I am seeing the changes happen. I am definitely showing at this point and I'm also slowing down a bit. I'm trying not to- and I will continue to push forward- but I've noticed it's just a little bit harder to get up in the morning, and it's a little bit harder to get psyched up for my workouts. I have to keep doing both, but my body is not really working with me. I've gained 7 pounds so far. In an ideal world, I would just gain 10-15 more. That is what I am shooting for. We'll see- second half is the hardest.

We have some names we like. And in sharing them, I'm not looking for feedback about the kid you knew in high school by that name that was so stupid or your girlfriend that just named her kid the same thing. I'm boldly asking you to either hold your comments- or share positive ones. :) As you can see, I'm getting even more frank the further I get into this pregnancy. Ha.

We like Annie, Holden and Tommy so far. We liked Holden and Tommy last time too, but Annie is a new entry. We are pretty sure the middle name will be Eloise. (Nanny- isn't that fun? All those Eloise books stuck with me). For a while I was leaning more towards Annie; these days I'm leaning more towards Tommy or Holden. I actually think it will be a game time decision, which as my girlfriends and I were joking last night, doesn't leave much time for monogramming everything. Oh well- I'm not much of a monogrammer.

Anyway- today is my last day of work before vacation- so I better get to it. Happy Thursday.