Vintage Etsy Finds

OOOH, I'm getting excited about Round Top and Warrenton in October. I can't wait to go and look for some great vintage pieces for Baby #2s room. I'd really like to find a dresser that is either already adorable or ready to be made adorable. I am very particular when I shop antiques. I swore growing up that I would NEVER own an antique on purpose because we spent so much time looking at them with my mom. I now have more of an appreciation- but only of very specific things. I like clean lines and more of the mid-century look- but not too modern. I don't know what you call it. Not contemporary. Not vintage modern. But anyway- in the meantime- here are some cute vintage items I found on etsy.
How cute is this? A little drab in color, but love the idea.
Wouldn't this bowl be a bright little addition to your kitchen? So cheery.
I don't usually love sunglasses, but I might buy these. $9 and adorable.
In my next house (and next life when I don't have two kids a dog and a sort of messy husband) I will create a beautiful white space with only pops of color.
These are beautiful and bright and remind me of Scandinavia.
How cute is this kids chair? EEK! I love it.
And I've always loved maps. I've had a map (or many maps) in my room for as long as I can remember. I think Nikki triggered this love of maps.