Trending Topics

My buddy Oscar and I have been teaching classes at the agency- they've been a huge hit which has been fun and I think very helpful to the agency at large. We decided to open them up to our clients and today was our first session of "Trending Topics", which is a monthly presentation and discussion around new technologies and opportunities in the marketplace. I figured across our roster maybe a few different brands would sign up, with 1-2 clients per brand. Maybe 10-12 people total.

55 clients signed up for the first session. 3 of which were CMOs of major brands like Southwest Airlines, Goodyear, AARP, AT&T, Marshalls, and more.

And it's funny because we do these classes all the time in front of a room of people we work with...and we're never nervous. Today, we sat in an empty room like we were on a radio show and I was totally nervous at first. We shook it off at about slide 5 and got into a groove, but I thought it was crazy that I get nervous in that scenario but not with a room full of of people staring at me.

And it made me think of a few things. I am actually more comfortable when I can see people's faces. I think that's because people are generally good. You smile at someone sincerely, and they usually smile back. You show them you're having a good time and they typically start having one. Which reminds me of something Roy Spence said once in a meeting I had with him..."You will find what you're looking for. If you're looking for joy, you'll find joy. If you're looking for beauty, you will find it. If you look for anger, you will find that too."

Anyway- I know that's a stretch of a takeaway from this scenario- but its what I was left thinking about. We usually can make people smile or laugh with some side commentary during the agency classes and I think that's why people come. Even moreso than because we have good content (if I'm honest)...but you can't really do that in an empty room.

Anyway. It was exciting and a success (I think, we'll see who comes again next time) and I'm glad this month's session is over.