Monday was good in the morning, rough in the afternoon. Tuesday was rough altogether, so I expected a really rough day today at drop-off. I took Davis out on the playground where they were playing and all the teachers said "hi" to him and I also noticed that the kids are starting to recognize each other. He was not happy...but I sat down to play with him in the sandbox. He so wants to have fun there. He smiles and he plays and he looks so happy- but the second another kid starts crying- or he goes a little beyond his viewpoint of me- he panics, cries and comes running.

I stuck around for about 15-20 minutes and we played and I talked to his teacher, Logan, who I really like. Davis played and played...and then I said to him "Davis, momma has to leave in about 5 minutes." He started to whimper. "Here goes" I thought. But as I got up to leave and I walked over to Logan, I was telling Davis I had to go to work, and as we got closer to Logan, he reached out to him and let him hold him WITHOUT ANY TEARS!

I walked from the playground to the parking lot not hearing a single cry. Yesterday I heard him wailing all the way to my car. PROGRESS! I can't tell you how good this made me feel. I went upstairs to leave my check for the month and I found a little window where I could spy on him and all the kids on the playground. He was spinning around and smiling and having a great time. This gives me such hope! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Also yesterday he slept for an hour and a half, AND he fell asleep at 6:15. It's catching up with him, sweet boy.