Off to School

Today is the big day! Bennett and I got up early this morning and got everything ready to take Davis to his little Koalas classroom at Child's Day. He woke up early, on his own, so I was grateful for that...and he was in a happy little mood on the way to school. We have talked about school all weekend- but who knows how much of that actually sinks in. Probably/hopefully more than I think.

We carried all his things in- and right away- he was so excited and checking out everything in the room. He loved the magnet board and he was very excited about the books and all the other little kids. I was nervous about everything- I sort of wanted one of the teachers to sit with me and item by item go through his bag and cubby. I mean, how are they going to know where his pacifiers are for nap time or that I sent two sheets because one (the one I bought yesterday) is apparently for a travel size crib mattress? Nice move. And will they be able to read the black marker on the blue Cars lunch box? I guess he won't go without lunch, right? I mean worse case scenario, the kid is scrappy, he'll pilfer someone else's lunch if he has to.

Anyway- after about 15 minutes it was time to go- and I had to grab him, pull him close and give him a hug. He didn't flinch. No tears. :) So I imagine he'll cry later (like now) or during his nap...but at least the drop off was easy. I'm hoping it is tomorrow too. Bennett is going to pick him up early to give him a shorter day- so I'm really thankful for that.

On a side note...I got emails and calls from my mom and Nikki this morning, a text from Davis' nanny, Carrie, and then two different people at work asked me how it went. And not even my best friends at work that know I've been nervous. People are so kind. I hope I'm half as kind in return. Well, I mean, I hope I'm 100% as kind, but you know what I mean.

Here are some photos. And p.s. my hair is gross right now. Appointment Saturday and not a day too soon. Good Lawd.
Happy man at breakfast!
Thinking through the day on the way to school.
Kicking his legs like a wild man to Mason Jennings' "Soldier Boy".
Me, on the way to school.
Daddy is smiling, Davis is looking for his binky.
Davis' new classroom- and that is one of his teachers, Logan.
Went straight for the puzzle.
Loved the magnet board.
All in all, a good morning, and I hope to get a good report midday when they call all the parents to check in. Thanks for caring!