It's Not a Doom-A!

About 5 times a day Davis thinks he sees a doom-a (translation: vacuum). And because doom-as are his second favorite thing, next to cars, it's a very exciting event and sometimes he is very upset when I have to explain to him that "It's not a doom-a." And lately I've started saying it like Arnold in Kindergarten Cop, which makes me laugh quite a bit. Its the little things, right?

Okay so on a more important note- "Mikki" is, as of this week, in the running for Davis' most favorite things. Davis started saying her name this weekend every time he got out a mini cooper that she gave him. I was surprised because it came out of nowhere. Well, Mikki (formerly known as Nikki) came over to keep Davis on Monday and really since then- he is OBSESSED.

He mentioned her, seriously, 25 times today. In relation to the mini coopers, pointing at cars in general (he loves her red mini), just talking randomly in the car, sort of saying "Mikki? Mikki?" and also just sing songing her name in the is so sweet. She left quite an impression on him and he is at an age where he remembers it. She took him to the car wash and she took him to get his first cupcake (which he loved other than the icky frosting) and she sang a little song like "cup-cake, cup-cake, we're going to get a cup-cake" and several times today he would randomly bust out singing "cu-cake, cu-cake..."

He loves his aunt Mikki.