Bennett and I had a good talk with Davis' teacher, Kathryn, Friday...so without belaboring it, I left feeling more hopeful. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new week, and as I rocked Davis tonight, I prayed that God would give Davis a calm heart and help him relax and see how fun his school can be. Nikki is picking him up tomorrow so he can leave early and I know he will be so thrilled to see her. Speaking of, Nikki and Tony came over tonight to hang out, and we had such a good time. They brought me pickles and ice cream- so that was fun! :)

This weekend was a great one, in general. Friday we had Courtney and B over for dinner and I made Chicken Tikka Masala, an indian dish, and it was actually great. I was so thrilled. I cooked the entree, the sides (squash), paired the wines, and planned dessert (vanilla yogurt and berries). I don't ever really do that- so it was nice that with all the effort- it was a big hit. REALLY spicy, but worth doing again and tweaking a bit. Bennett even loved it and he thinks he hates indian food. Not bad.

Saturday was fun too- we met the Ryans and the Hamblens at The Flying Saucer to enjoy a brew and let the boys play on the splash pad. Too bad the splash pad was broken. The dads played with the boys (Porter, Davis and Sawyer) outside on the patio instead. Davis busted his little chin on the concrete. Poor guy. He is looking rough this week. Bruises and scratches on his legs from God-only-knows what, a busted chin and a little cut on his foot. :( At least he is having fun getting all these scrapes.

He is obsessed with both running and hiding these days. It's hysterical to watch how patient he can be while waiting for one of us to walk by, before he pops out. And he is so thrilled while he is hauling bootie the other direction. It's pretty hysterical, and I get it, it looks pretty fun, but I also realize it's not going to work if we're ever in a place packed with people. He needs to know when to stop.

Reminds me of the time I hid from my grandmother in the middle of a clothes rack when I was little and nearly gave her a heart attack. I can now appreciate how she felt. Sorry nanny!

Saturday we went to sleep early- pretty much any night I can be in bed by 10, I am. This morning we went to church, heard a great sermon about how much bigger Future Regret is than Present Fear...and how not to let present fear drive future regret and despair. He challenged the congregation to to do two things- which the Bennetts are certainly going to do. 1) Pretend you die next Saturday, and write your obituary. And then 2) Pretend you die at 90, and write your obituary. Figure out the difference and make some decisions. Big, huh? Yes. So church was good and Davis was happy in sunday school.

This afternoon we ran some errands, did a little browsing at Play It Again Sports, which means we also have to stop into Toys R Us. When you see his excited little face, you just can't say no...and he can spot that sign a mile away.

A few other things worth noting:
1) Davis can now say "vacuum" instead of "doom-a" (kind of breaks my heart)
2) He's picked up so many other words and sayings, I don't even know where to begin. He loves to say "yeah" now to things...which is pretty cute.
3) He does the funniest little face when he is "smelling" something. He snuffs up his nose and blows out instead of really breathing in. It's adorable.
4) And of course I can't think of any more right now, so that will have to do. I'll post some cute pictures I took this weekend, tomorrow.

Oh, also, last thing...having a girl is starting to set in, which is so fun. We picked out a few little outfits this weekend...oh my gosh, we're in so much trouble. I found about 15 things at Nordstrom that she MUST have. Bennett picked one dress for now and I can't wait to get it in the mail. Tea collection and Mini Boden, oh my! This is going to be so fun.