Headstands and Nose Picking

Okay, this is neither headstand nor nose picking. But I hacked my mom's camera and got this picture from the beach earlier this summer. So happy.
And this one too. High flying in Port Aransas.
Relaxing on the road.
Crazy smile.
Goofing around on Thursday.
Jennifer is a yogi. And while she was keeping Davis she got him hooked on the headstand. Or the half handstand.
Though sometimes it hurts our head.
And sometimes Pico likes to get involved.
And then we have to rest a bit.
Yay for two dudes hanging out at The Flying Saucer.
How handsome is my husband? Seriously.
Crazy hair- I think the only thing holding his hair is sweat, by the way.
And thus begins the nose picking.
Easing into it.
Really going for it.
Moving on.
School drop off today- with new shoes from Honey. We'll see how long he keeps them on. Drop off was better today- but not great. And again- I'm not only talking about how much he cries (I expected that). I'm talking about how receptive, engaging and helpful the teachers are...oy vey.