Day Two

So Bennett picked Davis up at 4:00 yesterday, and I said "Oh, you're so lucky, he's going to ring his little arms around your neck and squeeze so tight when you get there..." Bennett was like "Not so much- he smiled and was happy I was there, but didn't drop everything. In fact, he had this bucket of toys and he brought it over to show me what he had."

Last night, I expected him to be so tired. Not so much. I laid him down at 7:00 and he stayed awake until about 8:45. He woke up sobbing "momma, momma!" a few times, which was so sad. You could tell he was just nervous and uncomfortable. He finally went to sleep and woke up EARLY this morning. Like 6:45, which is about two hours earlier than normal.

He was happy this morning- but is increasingly obsessed with his binky. Ugh. I took him to school and on the way there I kept talking to him about school and he would interrupt me and say "Pay?" and I would say "Yep, you get to play all day..." and he would shriek and giggle this excited laugh.

We got there and he was happy, he basically pushed the door open and walked right in...but after about two minutes he started digging through his cubby looking for his binky. The tears started. I didn't really know what to do, but before I even got a chance to say anything, his teacher Logan said "Davis, you can't have it right now. It's almost time to go to the playground..." and the waterworks really started.

Of course around the same time we had to leave- so there was definitely leg grabbing and I had to kiss him and walk away with him crying "binky, binky!" Not a fun way to start the day, but I have to remember that he was actually very excited about school and playing. He just wants his binky. So no binky except naptime and nighttime. No exceptions.

Hopefully today goes well. I just want him to feel happy.
Okay- so here is one thing I don't like. Kathryn, the teacher, doesn't even look up to say "hello" when we walk in. Really? The only thing that keeps me from already talking to her or the owner is that all the parents whose kids are able to stay in her class again, are so thrilled to get to keep her. So I'm just hopeful that she is the calm, consistent presence, and Logan and Kevin are making it a joyful place. I'll keep watching.

A couple quick car pics. And yes- Bennett was so sweet- he went with me again today, anticipating a harder morning. Love him.