Christmas Cheer.

We just booked our tickets to Texas and we are SOOOOO excited! We've been trying to do a little Christmas something each and every day...whether listening to holiday songs or making Christmas cookies or looking at lights or whatever...

Here are some pics from our last few days of fun!

The kids were SO excited to have hot cocoa- especially with multi-color marshmallows. But as you can see by their faces- they were a little underwhelmed after the first taste. Holden said "This tastes like rotten chocolate..."

So we moved on to cookies...

Cookies 2.jpg

And I tried to make some stew over the weekend. Looks like it will turn out amazing, right? But it's just okay...and I have a lot of it...I do this new thing and I make a soup or stew every sunday, almost. I love it. 

Also, Holden and I had a "Who Wore it Best?" showdown at one of our many visits to the doctor this weekend.

And Holden drew a pretty great Christmas picture, also while waiting at the doctor.

So we're just full of Christmas cheer. And it's 20 degrees here- coldest day of the year so far...and Nikki gets here tomorrow. We are all so excited. It's a tricky thing- while I'm dying to go to Savannah, I also hate missing my sister's visit. Just glad I will get to spend more time with her in a few weeks.

Holly Jolly!


Joy of My Heart.

Seeing Davis thriving, seeing him smile and giggle and feel calm and confident is truly the joy of my heart. And I get to see a lot of it lately- in fact, this weekend I took him to gymnastics Saturday and then we ran a few errands and I laughed so hard, so many times. He's funny. He makes jokes, he pulls pranks, he gets subtle nuances of funny human situations...he's really enjoyable to be around. 

I made him get his hair cut on Saturday- he was long overdue...and I asked him if I could take his picture afterwards...and he was SO hysterical. Kind of trying to do this eye roll, side eye, cool guy look. And as I tried to capture that, I laughed so hard, and then he laughed so hard, and this is what I got:

D goofers.jpg

And then the money shot- where he looks like a dang sixteen year old.

He's just the best.


Holden has been sick and home from school from last Wednesday. And when I took her in on Thursday to see the doctor, they gave her a strep test, and it came back negative. And that was that. But she seemed to get worse over the next few I took her in again yesterday where she tested positive for influenza. Blech. So she has been sick and I can't help but think that it's going to be a domino effect from there- just because the flu is so contagious. But I've been popping airborne and drinking emergen-c like nobody's business to try to ward it off. 

H Sick 2.jpg

Doctor's visit one. Look at sweet Holden- even when she has the flu- she keeps a smile on her face and tries to have fun. She is such a little joy.

Chicken soup for the soul...

Doctor's visit #2. 

But don't feel too sad. We did have some fun this weekend too. We set up our manger that nanny and grandpa gave us. Holden calls it "God's Farm" which I LOVE. And she plays with it all the time and also adds characters like Rapunzel and Peppa Pig. Might be a little blasphemous, but how do you tell a four year old that? And it sort of makes me giggle to find a sparkly princess lady up in the manger scene with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Kind of perfect, actually.

And on Saturday, I got to spend a lot of time with little D, who is just quite the comedian these days. I need to get him into acting. He's really funny. And that is what my post will be tomorrow. 

Gotta run! Hope all is well with you.

Global Warming.

Well it is strangely warm here in Minnesota. In fact, the weather guy said yesterday that the weather was typical of a day in mid-September. There is no snow on the ground, and my kids are running around without jackets.

And it makes it a bit hard to feel like it's almost Christmas. Reminds me of living in Texas where I would play Christmas carols non-stop the whole month of December to get myself in the mood for the holidays. 

Now I'm not complaining- because I realize it could be like -20 by now- but I'm just saying. If you don't think global warming is real- come visit Minnesota. Poor polar bears.

So anyway- we're starting to think about Christmas now- and because we've left it so late- tickets to go to TX are outrageous. So we're thinking of selling our plasma or possibly driving to Texas. I'm not sure which is crazier. (Not really thinking of selling plasma- don't panic).

While it sounds sort of fun- thinking about 18 hours in the car with our kids might be the recipe for a total family meltdown. Bennett was like "It will be great- we'll make memories..." and then I reminded him of the four person blow out on the drive home from St. Cloud a few weekends ago. The 1 hour drive home from St. Cloud. So we'll see. I really want to go home- I'm ready to get out of here for a bit. 

Tonight I have a workout. Thursday I'm helping celebrate my friend Ellie's birthday (whom i used to see all the time and whom i haven't seen since like july), and then Friday we are all going over to Krissy and Patrick's house for dinner. That will be fun- they are always a good time.

But Bennett and I are home all week together- so that is always nice. We are going to get a Christmas tree this weekend and then Bennett is going to take pictures of the kids for Christmas cards- hopefully I can get that together this year. We'll see.

Hope you are in the Christmas spirit!

Catching Up.

my grandparents sent Davis $50 via check for his birthday- so he felt quite rich and quite fancy with his check. he was very intrigued and curious about how that check turns into cash. and because I can deposit it into my bank from my phone- it really is sort of magical- to a kid anyway.

so he got to pick out whatever toy(s) he wanted to spend that money on- and he pulled out all the stops. introducing: the mega nerf gun shooter.

and yes, when you put it together, it's certainly the same size and height as he is. he loves it and we are being pelted with nerf bullets left and right. 

we also had our first snow! it has already melted, but it was fun and really got us into the christmas spirit. bennett went out the next day and hung lights on our house and front tree. we agreed this year that we would try to decorate earlier so it doesn't feel like we are taking it down right after we put it up.

last weekend we went to the minnesota wild hockey game- it was so fun. we drove around downtown st. paul first and admired all the lights and then we ate dinner and caught most of the game against the colorado avalanche. it was the first time we have gone as a family of four- and all in all- it was pretty successful.

a rare moment of love at dinner. so sweet.

and then we've also been working to get little D equipped and ready for his first season of ski jammers. starting in january, four eight saturdays, he'll travel with coaches and a busload of children to local ski hills to learn to ski and ski around all day. he and brooks are doing it together, so i think they'll have fun. he is pretty proud of his gear.

And of course we've done some mundane things like grocery shopping...

And Honey got here Wednesday! We have had the best time- I'll share more pictures later- but it's really been fun. In addition to the fun we've had together- I was able to go with my friend Jackie today to get some stuff for my planters in front of my house. She has a little side business called Bloom and she does this for people every season. It was so much fun and I think it looks GREAT!

And tomorrow, my mom is taking the kids to a hotel to swim and stay overnight! OH MY LORD I cannot wait. :-) She offered to do it for fun and to give Bennett and I a chance to have a break and be in our house by ourselves for a bit. Unfortunately, Bennett had to go back to Texas for a funeral for a high school friend of ours- so it will be just me...but I think I will figure out how to enjoy myself. :-)

Hope you have had a great Thanksgiving!

Golden Girl.

Holden was in Rachel's wedding just over a week ago- and she did a lovely job. She took it very seriously and was just such a doll. She led the little flower girl down the aisle and told me at one point "Mom, if she doesn't want to walk down the aisle, I will just pick her up..." which left me a little nervous picturing her trying to hoist a meaty little two year old in a fluffy dress up on her hip whilst throwing roses, smiling and waving. Luckily- of the four kids in the wedding- all four walked down without incident. 

We had a great time and man you should have seen little Davis dance at the reception. Everyone was taking pictures of him and he just felt like a million bucks. He danced SO hard he gave himself a cramp. HA. Wonder where he gets it. Holden kept insisting that he pick her up and spin her around and was quite angry when D started to get all the attention by going solo on the dance floor. There were certainly some impromptu break dancing moves that were a big hit.

I'm writing this from Denver where we are doing a shoot with Von Miller- the Denver Broncos guy. Flying back tonight and then my mom comes tomorrow! Yahoo!

These guys clean up pretty nice too. :-)

Packing Up and Going Home.

I'm on my way back to Minne from a day trip to New York. It had to be a day trip because Bennett is also traveling this week. Funny enough, I was sitting in the airport talking to him and I said "You know, the only thing I think Trump was right about is how shitty the La Guardia airport is..." and he said "Wait- you're in La Guardia? So am I..." So there you go, that's a look at our lives right now.

And most of the time I like that, being so busy, being challenged and working so hard that you feel completely spent at the end of each and every day. But today was the first day in a LONG time that I remember thinking "Man, I just want to pack it up and go home. I'm tired. This is hard. And I might be done with this." And by this, I certainly meant work, but I also meant more. For the first time in at least a year or so, I seriously thought and maybe even dreamed about just going home. To my friends. To my family. To warm weather. To everything I know, that is comfortable, and in many ways, easy. 

I'm tired. And that sounds a little bit heavenly today. 

The things I went on to think are what makes me realize that it's not so simple. I realize the going home that I think of really isn't there anymore. I'm not 30. I'm not at a place in my career where I just get to show up and have fun and do the basics at work. My friends aren't all going out every weekend and playing downtown. 

And even if I was 30, and my job was simple, and my friends were just having fun...knowing what I know now, seeing what I have seen, learning what i have learned, it wouldn't be the same. There is a quote about the hard thing about moving and trying new things and being different versions of yourself, and it captures so much of what I feel - and I don't remember exactly how the quote goes, but the point is this, the more you go, the more you grow, the more you change, the harder it is to feel at home...because you leave little pieces of you everywhere you've been. Man it makes me tear up just writing that. It's a beautiful thing, sure, but it's also a bittersweet thing.

Growing up is hard. Being an adult is even harder. 

I think I just need a break.

But that will have to wait because this weekend I'm going on an overnight with two girlfriends, then Monday I fly to Denver, then Tuesday I come back, then Wednesday I work, then my mom will be here Thursday for Thanksgiving. Gotta power through at least one more week until I have a little downtime. I need to figure out a way to recharge- at least to carry me a bit further until I figure out a new plan.

Maybe I'll go work on an elephant preserve.



I haven't written much over the past two weeks- and it's really because I have been so incredibly disappointed in a few situations, and they've really sort of taken up my mental and emotional focus. The main thing, honestly, is the election. I almost can't even write about it, it feels so raw and honestly, so personal.

It's really the first time I have been disappointed in my country. And it really has nothing to do with parties. I've always had friends that are a mix of republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals. I have voted republican, I have voted Democrat. But I have never, ever, in my life believed that the American people are so misinformed, so selfish, so hateful, that they would get behind someone like Donald Trump. It still feels like a joke that has gone incredibly bad. A joke that turned tragic, overnight. 

America is about hope, about acceptance, about opportunity. For all. The irony of how many Americans got behind the idea of shutting out all of those things for so many people is simply too rich, too thick, to even understand.

Who of you, did not come from immigrants? Who of you is superior in God's eyes? Who of you is defined by their body parts verses their hearts and minds? Who of you is superior to those next to you, simply based on the luck of where you were born and who you were born to? 

And don't even get me started on Christians that stand behind his ideas around deportation or building a wall or blocking refugees? Is there no room at the inn? Was your savior not dark skinned and from the middle east? 

If you picture Him as a blonde haired blue eyed American- then you are missing the boat by a longer shot than I imagined.

And what about your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, your wives? Can you look at them and say that you voted for a man who does not respect them as equals? Who will literally put more and more people in office that will resurface and strengthen the glass ceiling we are working so hard to break?

Some days I tell myself that people don't really understand what they voted for. Because if it was clear and intentional- I don't know how to rationalize such selfishness and hate. And it feels very heavy to wake up every day and think about a nation half-filled with such selfishness and hate. 

My heart is heavy and I honestly feel so angry- I don't even know how I will get through the next four years. This is not my president. This is not what I believe in.

Golden Birthday

Today is Davis' golden birthday- since he is turning 7 on the 7th. We basically celebrated all weekend...but the highlight was his party at SkyZone. Every single one of the friends he invited attended. They had a blast. He is a happy little boy and I am so thankful.

Stream of Consciousness.

Things that are on my mind...

1) TEEP is back. So Davis goes to Kids Club before and after school since his school starts at 9:10 and ends at 3:45. And he loves it. And his (and every other kid's) favorite person at kids club is a guy named Terrence Patrick, Teep for short. Picture a 35 year old guy in cargo pants, always with a soccer jersey on from another country, with the kindest, slowest speaking voice, who really pauses to hear every word that you are saying, and makes sure he is waiting for you to hear every word he is saying...and that is Teep. And Davis (again, among many kids I'm sure) built quite the relationship with Teep last year. We also built a relationship with Teep and during frustrating times at home, Bennett and I would joke about how we wished Teep could raise our children. So imagine our dismay this summer when we heard he wasn't coming back? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was sad for days. Teep really understood Davis. And I would hear him handle challenges with Davis by saying things like "Listen Davis. I know it's hard. But if there is anyone that can do it- it's you. You are the hardest working kid I know. You have changed so much and I believe you can do this...I know you can do it." So I always knew that if something went wrong at Kids Club- Teep would be there. So again, cue the tears when I heard he was leaving for another job. We took a while to figure out how to tell Davis, and when we did, he was super disappointed. 

He's had some challenges at Kids Club this year - and each time I've wondered how things would have gone if Teep was still around. So. Monday am I took Davis to school and as we walked in, Davis shouted "TEEP! Teep is back!" I looked over and behind a swarm of small children, there he was, playing battleship with one lucky little girl. I went over to say hello- thinking that he was just visiting as he has done before- but when I asked him how his new job was going he said "No, I left. I'm back for good. It wasn't a good fit, and I just missed this place..." I was so excited. Everyone was so excited. Literally, as I left, nearly walking on air, I could hear all the children whispering and shouting "TEEP is back! He's back again! Teep is here to stay..."

Can you imagine having that impact on people? A good example of someone sharing their gifts and living their purpose. I love it.

2) Bennett and I went on a date a few weeks ago and pretended it was a first date. It started as a joke, but then we kept it up the whole meal. It was SO fun to ask questions and hear the answers fresh. To flirt or challenge each other like you just met. We laughed about it all night.

3) Halloween was great! Holden was Kylo Ren and Davis was a sword wielding skeleton.

Oh and then there was this guy- I'm not sure what he is calling this look...

4) On Tuesday nights Jenny picks the kids up and Bennett and I go to a 6:00 workout at Orange Theory together. It was so difficult last night, we felt like our arms were just going to give out. Afterwards we usually have a bite to eat somewhere. It's nice to have one night a week where you don't have to rush from work to get the kids, get home, do the routine, and then get back on your computer again. I'm super thankful for Jenny and Tuesday nights.

5) It's three weeks till Thanksgiving. And then it's a few more weeks until we go to Blake's wedding in Savannah. Oh and don't forget Murphy's wedding which is next weekend. I ran around the mall this weekend trying to find comfortable and wedding appropriate clothes for Davis. 

6) It's starting to get cold. The leaves are falling...and this year, we waited for all the leaves to fall in the back yard, which made for a really hard day on Sunday. Oy vey. The boys did most of it while Holden and I were at a birthday party, but we did help for a few hours when we got home.

7) Davis' birthday celebration starts Saturday. He invited about 10 friends to Skyzone- an indoor trampoline park for a few hours on Saturday afternoon to celebrate his birthday. Then Monday is his actual birthday- so we'll let him choose what we do for dinner, open gifts, and celebrate again. Lucky kid. Holden thinks he's going to give her some of his presents. 

Well- that's all I have for today. Hope you are having a good week!


Day Three.

My final post about Disney. And good thing because I have other things to talk about. :-)

PS Before I get into day three- I want to write this down because a) i don't want to forget it and b) it will make you laugh. So Holden calls her private parts her "pagina" - I think she got this from Penis having a "P" and I think it's so cute, I don't correct her. She doesn't say it that much, so it's sort of a non-issue. So imagine our surprise when the waiter at the nice seafood restaurant we dined in at Disney asked us if we would like to see a desert menu and Holden responded with: "THAT WOULD BE MUSIC TO MY PAGINA...!" with a giant grin. We all nearly spit out our drinks and the waiter blushed from ear to ear. I've never heard her say that phrase before- let alone pairing it the way she did. She is a hoot.

So are pics from our day at the animal kingdom park.

This made me (and everyone around us) laugh so hard. And she was so embarrassed when she realized what had happened- she cried. But I couldn't stop laughing. Oops.


Before the big Everest roller coaster ride. Bennett had to bribe him with three dollars to do it- and when they got started down the big drop, Davis looked at him and said "This is worth five, dad..." 

Holden was too short to ride- so I consoled her with an ice cream cone. Works every time.

Back at the hotel arcade later that night. Where Davis spent is hard earned $5.

Back at the animal kingdom lodge where we stayed- it was pretty cool that many of the employees there have come over from Africa- they've studied animals or environmental sciences and working at the animal kingdom afterwards is part of their internship program. Very authentic.

Thanks Disney. It was fun!


Day Two.

The kids were spent after the exciting day at the Magic Kingdom- so we were excited to sleep in and have a leisurely day by the pool. We also went to Disney Springs that night where we had a great seafood dinner and then walked around to the stores - including the mega Disney store and a Lego store. 


Lego derby!


It was a lovely day!


Disney Day One.

Well we're back from the magic kingdom and a good time was had by all. My mom was waiting for a play by play or probably like video slips of squealing and excitement from the kids- but to be honest- they thought Disney was fine and really enjoyed the hotel pool just as much, if not more than the parks. So there you go. Had I known, I would have taken them down the road to the Water Park of America hotel and spent the money on a new fall wardrobe instead. HA! But as I said- we really did have a blast- it just wasn't necessarily because we were at Disney. 

The lines are long, it was hot, and I think my kids are a bit more free range than amusement parks allow. Anyway- here are the highlights in pictures.


It's Fall, Y'all.

And we had a great, low key (for us) weekend in Minneapolis to enjoy it. Friday night we had family dinner at Edina Grill...and then Saturday, we went to gymnastics, we did some things around the house, and we played Pokemon Go, walking around the neighborhood. It's a virtual reality game that you use on your phone and it's like a treasure hunt using Google Maps. Anyway- to a kid- it appears that Pokemon characters are hiding in your very neighborhood and then of course you have to find them and catch them.

Saturday night we went to dinner at this great restaurant, Tilia, and then we went to a housewarming party, and then out to the VFW for karaoke with Jenny, Ann Marie and Josh, whom we haven't seen in forever. 

Then today- we went to church, I planned Davis' birthday party (at Skyzone), read TIME magazine (I never get to read during the day!!!) and then we drove out to a pumpkin patch.

It was a really fun weekend. And I'm happy to be here- until Wednesday when we go to Disney!


I was in New York last week, spent the weekend in minne with Honey, and now I'm back in LA.

BUT, next week, when all this work is done...we are headed to DISNEY WORLD!!!

Sorry for being MIA- gotta push through this!

Love you all.


Ryder Cup.

So I guess the Ryder Cup is a pretty big deal. All of Minneapolis was abuzz about it. In fact, my office was incredibly quiet on Friday due to all the festivities. I guess it's pretty fun to have such a prestigious event take place here. Minneapolis is getting on the map. 

Anyway- Bennett was busy all weekend with the Ryder Cup. As you will see in pictures, he popped in occasionally, but mostly he was working (read: partying his brains out). 

So in the meantime, the kids and I made a few plans of our own.

Friday: B was in town for the Ryder Cup, so I left work early and met him and Davis for a quick drink at the Tavern. Then, I picked up the kids, and we went to Sarah's for a family sleepover. She has anxiety about staying by herself and I am sympathetic to that and usually get talked into staying over when she asks...but I think that was my last time. I'll stay late, but I want to sleep in my own home, in my bed, where my kids go to bed before 11:00 pm.

Saturday: In the morning, Jenny came to watch Davis and take him to gymnastics, while Holden and I drove to Blaine Minnesota for Rachel's bridal shower. I really had no idea what to expect- but it was so sweet that it was basically the bride and groom's family and Holden and I. They all oohed and aahed over Holden and talked about how much she looks like Ramona Quimby. "Acts like her too..." I would always add on.

Sunday: Kelley and I went to an early workout, then we met up with Krissy and her kids and went out to the orchard. It was unseasonably hot and incredibly packed- so it was just sort of okay- but it was a nice way to pass the time. Then in the afternoon, we met up with Kelley, Jack and Elsa at our neighborhood park, before going to go get groceries.

Late last night, B and Bennett got home, and OH the kids were so excited to see B. Davis was ecstatic! So the weekend is over, and I am tired. But I guess I tend to choose tired over bored. Bored will kill ya. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone...

So this week, Bennett leaves for Dallas Wednesday, Honey flies in on Wednesday, and I leave for New York on Thursday. ZOINKS. Maybe this next weekend will be a bit more relaxed. I hope so.

Here are some pictures of all the activities in the meantime.


Any time we have done this- Brooks and Holden bunk together- and Davis sleeps with me, while Brooks' brother, Bennett, sleeps with Sarah. Ha.



Loving the gear from the Ryder Cup!


Bedtime snack with their best bud, B!

Hope you had a great weekend too! More to come.



Pictures from the Week.

I made Davis do a "before" and "after" picture when we went to Great Clips last week. I was very pleased with the result. It makes me laugh. Look at that sad little face...

Their favorite part of going is getting a lollipop.

Sunday, we went to Good Times Park, an indoor gym/play area/etc, with the Ohmes. Good times were had by all.

And another shot of Davis, with his cool hairdo. He is quite particular about it.

What a stud.

Tonight we are hanging out with the Ohmes. Tomorrow, Holden and I are going to a shower for Rachel Murphy while D goes to gymnastics. Sunday, we are going to the apple orchard with Krissy and her kids. Fun fall weekend ahead!


Love Update.

I'm so sorry I have left you on pins and needles after the Sloane play date. Here is the scoop...

Her parents came in to see our new house and just chat for a bit and as we thanked them for letting her come over, I got the quick take that she has been a little freaked out that Davis is in love with her. Her mom actually said that she looked at her and said "Mom. I think Davis is in love with me..." and by the way her mom explained to us that she told Sloane that no, they are just buddies, I realized that perhaps Davis has come on a little too strong. 

So we downplayed any interactions that might suggest he is in love with her (which was hard to do because he totally is) and they had a really great play date. We got a taco pinata and filled it with candy and let them break that apart...we played Bean Boozled...and then went down to the creek to play/walk around. I was gone the last 30 minutes of the play date- for a work out- so afterwards, I asked Bennett how drop off went. 

He said it went great- and then told me about the cutest/funniest exchange that happened in the car. On the way home, somehow Sloane was telling Davis about how her parents met and how they got married and kissed, and Davis casually went on to say "Oh my parents kiss all the time. And it doesn't even gross me out. In fact, it wouldn't even gross me out if you kissed me. Right now. Would it gross you out?"


So later I said to him "So Davis- how did the play date go? Did you have fun? Do you still feel like she is your girlfriend or are you just buds?" (I was going to tee up the idea that it's totally great to be just buds...) when he said "Well. She doesn't want to marry me."

Sam: Oh really? Oh. Hmm. How does that make you feel?

Davis: Well horrible really. She told me that we are really young and that I will spend the rest of my life looking for just the right person...and well, what if I just don't find that person?


Sam: Well Davis- you're six. You don't have to worry about that now. The good news is- you can be great friends, best friends even, and you can worry about that other stuff later.

And he seemed fine with that explanation- for now. That hasn't, however, stopped him from lifting rocks and logs at school during recess to build his muscles so he can show them off to his girlfriend. SERIOUSLY. His friends are climbing the monkey bars and playing tag and Davis has built a make shift nature gym just behind the play yard. 

Oy vey. 

Luckily I got a note from Sloane's mom the next day saying she had a great time and cannot wait to have Davis over. We'll see!


And the best shot of all:

Hello from LA!

Got here Tuesday around lunch and have been pre-prepping for the holiday shoot and last night was our first night on set. Things are going well- I'm glad I came at the beginning to help get everything off to the right start. Here is a picture of Jackie and I (my best work friend- short brown hair on my left) and our agency team from New York.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bennett is playing super dad. Pico had to go to the vet with an ear infection, Davis had his first night at church choir, he's been installing a condensation pump in the basement, they attended family breakfast today at Ds school, and he has also been collecting and printing five pictures for Holden's show and tell today. She was so funny- she told us about this project- and she was so excited and also had VERY specific ideas around which pictures she wanted to bring. She wanted "one of you and daddy getting married, one of her when she was a baby, one of our whole family, one of nikki and honey, and one of her and elsa..." I wish I could be there to hear her tell her friends about each picture and why it is special. 

And then yes- I signed Davis up for church choir. You know, he wants to be a singer and learn to play the guitar and I have been looking into guitar and where he could sing, etc and then I got an email from our church telling me about kids choir. So I signed him up and they went Wednesday and he really loved it. I hope they do a performance- I would love to see that.

And here are some pictures Bennett has sent me this week:

This is Holden, drawing me. And then apparently she cut my arms and legs off, trying to cut me out of the paper. :-)

Family breakfast at Highlands...

I cannot wait to get home! We shoot from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am tonight and then I fly home tomorrow afternoon.



Big Weekend.

This weekend we are celebrating Bennett's birthday- I will be out of town on his actual birthday- so Saturday is the new day this year! Then Sunday we are having Sloane over- the day has finally come. 

Then begins our weeks of week I leave for LA to shoot the first part of our holiday campaign. I come back Saturday night and then Bennett starts his work events- Sunday-Monday he has GC convention and then Wednesday through Sunday he is hosting a bunch of people from across the country to the Ryder Cup- which is here this year...which is apparently a big deal.

Then we are both home for three days and then Honey comes and I leave for New York for two days while Bennett heads to Dallas for three days, then I get home that Saturday and then I leave Sunday for the 2nd part of my shoot in LA. The shoot is four weeks long. So I'm actually covering very little of it.

Anyway- then we are finally home for a few days and then I think the four of us are going to Disney. Oh my Lord, time is going to fly...

Here goes! In the meantime, some recent pictures.

Holden, in her chosen attire, being Police Girl in our driveway.

Looking sharp for school...

Holden had a plantar's wart frozen off on Thursday- she had named him Mr. Slappypack...and I think she will sort of miss him. Never has a person loved their plantar's wart quite like she did.

More later!